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 Alt Accounts

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PostSubject: Alt Accounts   Fri Feb 06, 2015 12:07 am

Welcome to LSS-RPG forum. You only can have two Alt accounts, for the server and, the forums. The reason why i'm am posting this because you might forget you're password you will not be able to refund (donator skin) or become an official, you will start all over again to get back what you had before on your new account. So please click this Link: <Alt Accounts>, only use the link if you are logged in. when you click the link you will see
Alt Accounts wrote:
Forum name;
Forum password:
IG name:
IG password:

Their blank you see ^, we will show you you're password and name ect, to remember. You cannot edit them or fill any of blanks only admins can modify them, if you want your account password here please go to this link: <Alt Account Creation>

Thank you, Owner and Founder.
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Alt Accounts
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